Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Those Dancing Days - Daydreams & Nightmares (2011)

I heard this second release of Those Dancing Days a few times because a lot of people were talking to me about them with a lot of love and respect, and I’ve tried to understand the reason why but, in the end, I just don’t get it. Back in 2008 I never really got into this particular band (though I listened to the singles) and the music was the kind I don’t care so much; but instead of closing myself with prejudice and for the sake of democracy I decided to give it a try on this second LP (and also looking back to the previous release). It’s called Daydreams & Nightmares and though I didn’t see a lot of daydreaming I had a few of those Nightmares.

Some songs were OK, like I’ll be yours kind of reminding me a Diamond Rings with a little bit less of an edge or enough novelty that kept me interested, and this was one of the songs I remember thinking that was kind of strong of the album, and by strong, I mean average. The instrumentation here doesn’t have the kind of innovation that the band should be having after the 2008 record, maybe back then the sound was not so new because we didn’t know Linnea Jönsson vocals yet, and if “In Our Space Hero Suits” (the first record) this didn’t made the music worth it without the vocals holding it for this second time I guess the move had to be bettering the sound a little and depend less on the emotion that the vocals can bring to the mix.

Over all, everything sounded like a middle point between Florence + The Machine and Paramore taking distance on the possible rock sounds that could get out of this and trading it for text book indie pop, and sadly that’s the only thing that are maintaining them away of sounding like something like Pink, and I even get flashes of shit like that. Even songs like “When We Fade Away” that try to make musically something a little bit more reflexive and less standard pop the only thing saving the songs is the powerful croon of Jönsson who’s shoulders cat bare the album to make it stick in the memory, for me most of the songs are just forgettable.

For people that like their lead singers quiet and enjoy the music, this is not the way to go, but if you like the power voices and you don’t get bored of listening only the tricky power voice trying to sustain an album this most definitely could be an add to your musical library. I see people that are into mainstream pop entering in the indie pop scene thanks to works like this ones, something that doesn’t damage; I can also see former emo that didn’t evolve with Bright Eyes into his Americana music and stayed on the fence waiting for some sort of screaming emotion without being hardcore also liking this (that I’m not so sure if can be a good or a bad thing).

The only good thing I can say to Those Dancing days is to dissolve, and to Linnea Jönsson I can advice to find some interesting way to use her voice, maybe starting to do more collaborations that take her out of her comfort zone, I apologize with my friends and everyone that liked this, I understand that people might like this kind of sound, but for me, this is just not adding anything new and exciting, is repetition of text book indie pop, and what's worst, repetition of themselfes in the 2008 record, still remember this is my opinion. I hate this shit, but you be the judge on the goodness or badness of it.


1. Reaching Forward
2. I'll Be Yours
3. Dream About Me
4. Help Me Close My Eyes
5. Can't Find Entrance
6. Fuckarias
7. Forest Of Love
8. When We Fade Away
9. Keep Me In Your Pocket
10. I Know Where You Live pt. 2
11. One Day Forever

Rate: 3/10

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