Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Walkmen - Lisbon

The Walkmen come from a very unfortunate place, when it comes to love, relations, life in general they just fail, and the good thing is that no matter how bad the situation goes or how much their ego is putted down, they always build the world again to make the crash and catch the moment in a song. This is the sort of drama The Walkmen is all about.

This sort of out of spite music writing its also so well made into music with Hamilton Leithauser's amazing singing that sort of reminds me a much more powerful Bob Dylan(ish) voice in "Positively 4th Street", and I find this amazing, one of my favourite songs in the history of music captured in a bands way of executing heartbroken songs.

And talk about a fantastic way to open an album but with epic drums and a lyric saying "You're with someone else tomorrow night/ Doesn't matter to me/ 'Cause as the sun dies into the hill/ You got all I need", what a way to sound desperate and to put in words such a pathetic way of living someone but saying it in a way that sounds powerful and not pathetic at all. This is the wonder of The Walkmem, sounding great even when is tragic and.


1. Juveniles
2. Angela Surf City
3. Follow The Leader
4. Blue as Your Blood
5. Stranded
6. Victory
7. All My Great Designs
8. Woe Is Me
9. Torch Song
10. While I Shovel The Snow
11. Lisbon

Rate: 8.3/10

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