Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tennis - Baltimor EP / South Carolina 7" (2010)

Tennis is a Denver Dream Pop sumerr band composed by husband and wife. They lived in a sailboat sailing around and recording music, the songs are about the adventure of the couple sailing around in the ocean.

If I have to describe this pair in a word I most deffenetly use the word "Cute", because everything about them is cute. The fantastic story of 8 moths traveling in the ocean with the sailing boat they bought with their life savings, the lamb matching tatoo in the arms, the lo-fi sound on the recordings, everything is simply "Cute".

Now talking about the style going on in the EP and the 7" that concerns this post, I can say that the sound is pretty much like other things that are getting famous lately, they have a sort of vintage of this pop 60's ballads and the mix of the really self made recording give it a special texture.

The EP contains 3 tracks (Baltimore, Cape Dory and Marathon), the production is very aware of what self made production is all about, the drumming sounds with a far beat that puts the melody in a nostalgic mood and then come the guitars that sound really noisey without soundig strident. The vocals are femenine, even in chorus, and they also use hand claps that make it very easy to relate and clap along.

The same case in the South Carolina single, the song has voices sounding really saturated but still cute, not in a shrill kind of way of singig, but just pretty.

This is a no worries and get happy music and I really hope you enjoy as much as I have.

For sure I'll be waiting for the LP.


Baltimore EP:
1. Baltimore
2. Cape Dory
3. Marathon

Rate: 8/10

Download It!

South Carolina 7":
1. South Carolina
2. Sea Farer

Rate: 7.5/10

Download It!

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