Sunday, December 12, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (2010)

There was a time not so long ago that when I heard the name Charlotte Gainsbourg I thought in close tits, close up to a vagina being penetrated in slow motion, children suicide, sin, sex, extirpation of the clitoris, Willem Dafoe and Opera; then I'd sit down and think again and remember all the good times remembering Bob Dylan and a tiny French voice singing just like a woman, and late Heath Ledger, those better moments, of then I'd think a little bit more and didn't remember her at all but started listening to 69 Année Érotique of Je T'aime Moi Non Plus of her parents, French Icons Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (Yeyé's sensations); there for, the only reference I had of her was that she has a great parents (specially her dad) and that she does very different indie and big movies with big names and big directors, and that she was in fact (or is in fact) a truly TRULY great actor.

I did knew that she had albums and songs with her dad, a song with Air and she sang in I'm Not Here movie soundtrack a Bob Dylan cover of "Just Like A Woman" that is one of my favourite covers on the soundtrack. What I never expected was that she was a double threat, excellent indie actor and excellent indie musician with a lot of albums both in French and English; also I'm into old French music but never really played attention to the general rock scene so it was hard for me to discover her as more than the movie actress.

But lets talk about IRM, first, it was made in association with Beck!, and it is also a very personal and family affair for her, IRM stands for the initials of Magnetic Resonance Image, something that she can relate to because she had a sky accident some years ago, so she had to take a lot of tests and she always had in her brain the sound of the resonance machine I which she inspired songs of the LP, also is a family affair, having husband, son and daughter play on the album and sing along in various songs; specially the drums in Trick Pony that are the most amazing drums on the album made by his son and guitar by her daughter so don't be surprised of future related Gainsbourg talents. This album has a lot of experimentation and sounds, and is well mixed with the collaboration of Beck, who puts in the table the same folk rock feeling he puts on his own albums mixed with the French feeling that sounds very Yeyé.

I can’t recommend this enough and can't really find words to describe just have a listen and enjoy!


1. Master's Hands
2. IRM
3. Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes
4. In The End
5. Heaven Can Wait
6. Me And Jane Doe
7. Vanities
8. Time Of The Assassins
9. Trick Pony
10. Greenwich Mean Time
11. Dandelion
12. Voyage
13. La Collectionneuse
14. Looking Glass Blues

Rate: 8.6/10

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