Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Fuck - Latin (2010)

Holy fuck is a band from good old Canada, and this LP, Latin is the third and most consistent album they've released until now (third one is the charmed), and its not because they have changed they're loud old way of making music, but because for this LP is much more thought, it works the mood before they throw the loud guitars and drums at you.

This is an album about building sound, about taking you places, its less straight forward and that gives a sense of more a more mature view of their way of making music. But don't think mature way of making it makes this EP less interesting or boring; actually its the opposite, they incorporate serious funk and concentrate in making it appealing and not just loud.

All songs are fun to listen, but some others make the listening experience an almost epic in a Holy Fuck kind of way, my favourite song on this thing is "Stay Lit" and its a song that builds the mood in a hypnotic repetition of the same notes louder and louder every time until you get to nirvana.


1. MD
2. Red Lights
3. Latin America
4. Stay Lit
5. Silva & Grimes
7. Stilettos
8. Lucky
9. P.I.G.S.

Rate: 7.5/10

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