Sunday, December 12, 2010

Micah P. Hinson - ... And The Pioneer Saboteurs

Micah P. is a moderate successful singer songwriter, and I say moderate because the quality of his music deserves to be more recognized than it already is.

This guy has opened up for Iron & Wine, Will Oldham and Calexico, and he's quality is equally great.

The music in this LP does not surprise, there are a lot of Gospel, Folk, Alternative Country and Blues influenced sounds that go so well with Micah's warm vocals.

What comes different in this LP is the level of the production, he's working here with strings and orchestral sounds still maintaining his intimate and closeness with the ones who hear, is just a sample of what a spectacle he can be without over doing it, he started this sound in the 2006 LP "...And the Opera Circuit" and this is a continuation of that sound a little bit bigger and better, if you liked that one you'll sure like this one because its indeed a fantastic LP. He says about it on his website that this LP "it's a mix of the baby, the gospel, and the opera, with a burst of violence right in the midst to confuse the confounded", I strongly recomend this highly underated artist and this exceptionally good LP.


1. A Call To Arms
2. Take Off That Dress For Me
3. 2s And 3s
4. Seven Horses Seen
5. The Striking Before The Storm
6. The Cross That Stole This Heart Away
7. My God, My God
8. Dear Ashley
9. Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night
10. Stuck On The Job
11. She's Building Castles In Her Heart
12. The Returning

Rate: 8.4/10

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