Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (2010)

The band Tame Impala is an australian band that evolved form another band called "The Dee Dee Dums" both lead by Kevin Parker.

The sound of this secund LP of Tame Impala "Innerspeaker" is much more dreamy than the previous one, making of this one a real psychodelic journey with coloured haze.

This has the regular band formation (guitar/bass/drum) and this is not an impediment for the experimentation in setting a mood for a song.

A really classic rock song like "Expectations", an instrumental Psychodelic piece like "Island Walking", a fun swirling guitarr in "Solitude Is Bliss", are what expected from a Psychodelic band but they do it in a less obvious way. Pitchfork reviewd is as "an album's album-- it sounds best as a piece, where you can get lost in its heady expanse", and this is because the album has a lot of influences that come through and to all the stoner 60's and psychodelic music lovers this album is the better reference of 2010.


1. It Is Not Meant To Be
2. Desire Be Desire Go
3. Alter Ego
4. Lucidity
5. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
6. Solitude Is Bliss
7. Island Walking
8. Jeremy's Storm
9. Expectation
10. The Bold Arrow Of Time
11. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

Rate: 8/10

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