Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed Single (2010)

Anamanaguchi is an 8bit based music band from New York City, they've been around since 2009 and their music is kind of punk related music with instrumentation based on synthesizers, and hacked sounds of Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. They are not the first band that does this, but they sure are the most popular around.

They've been reviewed, mentioned, promoted and worshiped in all the popular indie blogs around and also form part of the Scott Pilgrim frenzy that took place this year with the highly anticipated movie realise of the famous comic.

With this we can surly say that they hit the right button, because they are in the heart of the comic freaks, the console geeks and the indie scene.

They made the music for the Scott Pilgrim PS3 game, and that little soundtrack is very cute, but in the same line of Radiohead, The Streets and Kanye West, this band made music a little bit more interesting posting little singles on their website every two weeks, not only keeping fans interested but demonstrating the quality that this 8bit music has.

When the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack came around, I came across with the blogotheque's presentation of the band and the song sounded great live, but it wasn't featured in the soundtrack but in the website for FREE!

I love free music, and I love this band as well. I'll leave you the website link for those of you that want to download this single, and there are some others posted, so you’ll take a bunch of complete songs that are not part of the Scott Pilgrim score and it will take seconds.


1. Airbrushed
2. Penpal

Rate: 7/10

Download It!

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