Sunday, December 12, 2010

Broken Bells - Broken Bells (2010)

When it comes to super groups and side projects 2010 had plenty of it and Broken Bells was no exception, this is a band composed by Brian Burton and James Mercer; Burton better known like Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins (an acclaimed indie band).

I already talked about Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse Dark Night Of The Soul and in that LP one of the songs is featuring James Mercer, also you already know that that was a 2009 album, what you don't know is that Mercer and Burton known each other for a while and were wanting to do a project together since they meet and find out that they were fans of each others projects.

So in the music, Mercer is more down to earth and has made a trajectory in acoustic and indie rock with The Shins, and on the other hand, Danger Mouse has done it all and also has done some very experimental stuff specially with hip hop and produced a lot of different artists. This makes from broken bells a very interesting project that has been also successful.

Now, does it have a downside?, yes...and its that two very big and different artists get together and don't deliver some experimental new sound, just a handful of descent songs and three really good ones that are different from what Danger Mouse of The Shins would do on their own, this is a downside because you can't really see any of the individual line of works of the two brains involved in the results.

Now, talking of styles, some are pop structured songs and alternative rock with space rock very well produced.


1. The High Road
2. Vaporize
3. Your Head Is On Fire
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Sailing To Nowhere
6. Trap Doors
7. Citizen
8. October
9. Mongrel Heart
10. The Mall and Misery

Rate: 6.3/10

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