Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Streets - Twitter EP

Mike Skinner A.K.A. The Streets is tired of the name and what calling a music project "The Streets" imply; sure he's an urban fella, and does urban poetry, and everything he does is very urban, but in time is much more the way of living life in the city and politics and economy and much more less The Streets. This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course people that know the streets from his early work now dream about a new sound of Original Pirate Material but that's something that never happened.

In 2008 Mike started talking about him being tired of the A.K.A and announced that the last LP of the streets was going to be the fifth one, but don't worry, I'm sure this is not the end.

Since Radiohead put a complete album to download for free on the internet many artist seem to find it interesting, in 2010 Kanye West was the smartest taking advantage of it, but everything started with Mike Skinner posting songs for free via twitter with is twitter account (@skinnermike). one of the first ones posted on the twitter on April of 2009 was also the first one to have a video this last months of 2010, a new video and an old song was what made me consider this songs one of the best songs of the year and all the twitter buzz is making me really wait for the LP, even though it makes me a little bit sad that it will be the last. The countdown is set in the web page and the Album will be out on the 7th of February of 2011, but in 2009 and 2010 Mike has kept a bunch of people interested.


1. I Love My Phone
2. Trust Me
3. David Hassles

Rate: 7/10

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