Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twin Sister - In Heaven

Last year I kind of overlooked at Twin Sister, not because I didn’t knew the band, I certainly had to look what was the buzz about, but the music was all into detail, thing that got me thinking that the haziness of the production and droned soft melodies were kind of toning down the potential that the band really had. Is the same feeling I get when I listen to the Puro Instnct LP. I sure had to wait and see how this band could sound in the LP and I knew that I couldn’t entirely give up on them. In 2010 Twin Sister was all about some hazy songs with an exciting 80’s revival pop tune loved by many, and the home run achieved by “All around and away we go”. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this song as well, and I liked the EP, but even though I overlooked at them in my best of 2010 list I didn’t completely forgot them.

In the wait, between the two past EP’s, Twin Sister had a direction, they just had to follow the path and enjoy the ride; and then came In Heaven, back with all the production and focus to fully take advantage of the bands potential. The LP is less about the haze and more about taking each and every detail and giving them time to shine.

Even though In Heaven takes time to make room for details, this doesn’t mean that’s going to be boring, for example, the first single “Bad Street” takes a lot of references of club disco music, kind of reminding me of Chic’s “Le Freak”, is one of the finest party songs I’ve ever heard from a dream-pop (ish) band, and shows the wide rage of styles and influences Twin Sister can have.

Another difference that twin sister also have distinct to other dreamy bands this time around, is that they don’t compromise the quality of the music in the use of drones and shoegazy sounds that could drown the detail. It still has these sounds, for example, the last song “Eastern Green” or the recent single “Kimmi in a Rice Field”, the first one adding heavy noise guitars and the second one has long sounds and echoes but in both of them the aesthetic doesn’t drown the vocals and is completely intelligible.

Overall the LP was an improved Twin Sister and, for me, one of the best “dram-pop” albums of the year.


1. Daniel
2. Stop
3. Bad Street
4. Space Babe
5. Kimmi In a Rice Field
6. Luna's Theme
7. Spain
8. Gene Ciampi
9. Saturday Sunday
10. Eastern Green

Rate: 8/10

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