Thursday, December 9, 2010

Villagers - Becoming A Jackal (2010)

Villagers are an Irish Indie-Rock with bits of Folk, these new comers front man is a boy named Conor O'Brien that used to be in the band "The Immediate" that used to be very avant-garde, but the rock experimentation is very far from this new band and LP.

The lyrics of this LP are very dark and the music is not cheerful but tones town the content of the lyrics. And song writing for O'Brien looks being born as poetry and then turned into a song. And this first LP is like a complete work, all the songs are perfectly cohesive like making a discourse, but also each song is an individual piece, is not a concept album like one that Neutral Milk Hotel or The Decemberist could do, but non the less its cohesive and carefully put together.

The instrumentation here has strings, an occasional piano and the music reminds me a little bit of early stuff of Arcade Fire, not an unusual sound lately, but also not often repeated this album is not the most original out there but is worth taking a listen and waiting how it evolves.


1. I Saw The Dead
2. Becoming A Jackal
3. Ship Of Promises
4. The Meaning Of The Ritual
5. Home
6. That Day
7. The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)
8. Set The Tigers Free
9. Twenty Seven Strangers
10. Pieces
11. To Be Counted Among Men

Rate: 7.3/10

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