Friday, December 10, 2010

Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down (2010)

Let’s talk about indie super groups; here we have a band with three different people. The indie flirt of the mainstream Ben Harper, the indie rock heavy weight Joseph Arthur and the guy with the genes Dhani Harrison (living portrait of his dad George).

This three guys got together and came up with the idea of making a record after some jamz, and there was no time for egos, they started creating music and lyrics and singing most of the songs with tree voices so we have the feel that this isn't a band with a leader, all of them have their part and they play it beautifully.

The Fuzz started with a YouTube video and a MySpace with no songs in it, of course the site and the free download of the first single also called Fistful of Mercy.

Things started to get interesting when they decided to let people know what the album was about making the debut in the popular indie radio show "Morning Becomes Eclectic", there they did a little gig and played for the first time a bunch of songs. This was a very smart way of promoting the band and not the names of the members, convenient move, because the music in it was not for a Joseph Arthur kind of fans or the Ben Harpers fans, given that the sound in this album is much more Beatle and less whatever indie music is on the spot right now.

With this i have to say, that once the album came out it didn't have a bunch of good songs (for me), it was more the talk than the walk, I believe that Dhani Harrison was the most influential in the project and most of the songs just sound repetitive. The production and music is OK but not what I expected after hearing KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic", I guess the trick is not having expectations, I expected so much that once I heard the LP I was very underwhelmed.

The first song "In Vain or True" was a great start but then everything was just a little bit too Beatle for me. Still it has great moments "In Vain Or True" being the perfect beginning and then the wonderful instrumental "30 Bones", the rest is just Beatle or average hippie. Saving the "Fistful Of Mercy" that individually I rate it high.

But don't listen to me, hear it and make your own opinion.


1. In Vain or True
2. I Don't Want to Waste Your Time
3. As I Call You Down
4. Father's Son
5. Fistful of Mercy
6. 30 Bones
7. Restore Me
8. Things Go 'Round
9. With Whom You Belong

Rate: 6.2/10

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