Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liars - Sisterworld (2010)

People that listen to Liars know the nature of dramatic changes between one album and another, and this time it seems like Liars explore not only their common punk sound but a little mix with art rock, this take on art rock is very interesting and creepy sounding, with lots of strange experimental sounds in the back of songs, deep voices, percussion taking place with dry and echo sounds all mixed together. If a real Sisterworld exists the idea is for you scream and get the f*!ck out of there running for your life (no better song to do it than Proud Evolution, for me the one that starts the running with terror feeling and zombies saying "you should be careful" over and over again).

For me the stress and terror grows and grows, when the guitars start really creeping you out you're already inside. If people that like the sort of witch hunt music that came out this year, with band like Salem or oOoOO you should also try the rock part of it with albums like Sisterworld.

But despite the variation changes from one album to another and the sound between one song and another of this band, Sisterworld seems to be much more cohesive, with much more achieved sounds, feelings, atmosphere and really think about producing texture, if you come to this land, you'll really feel it like they wanted you to feel it, no possible personal interpretation, this thing goes right to the point where they want to take you.


1. Scissor
2. No Barrier Fun
3. Here Comes All The People
4. Drip
5. Scarecrows On A Killer Slant
6. I Still Can See An Outside World
7. Proud Evolution
8. Drop Dead
9. The Overachievers
10. Goodnight Everything
11. Too Much, Too Much

Rate: 8/10

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