Friday, December 10, 2010

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man (2010)

Oh, man! These guys are tight! Where to begin?

Well, Das Racist is an "Art Rap/Freak Folk/World Music/Hare Krishna Hardcore" duo based in Brooklyn and they might look like the average unknown rap ensemble but're mistaken. Like Pitchfork very well said reviewing their first mixtape "Shut Up, Dude", they said it was "a fascinating album that attempts to write an impossibly new blueprint for rap: funny without trying to impress; proficient without having anything to prove; relevant without taking any particular scene seriously; imbued with a soulful sense of place—urban, disaffected, ethnic—but more interested in how that serves as fodder for jokes than in any big grab for meaning". Add to this review some fuzz in big news papers and magazines (The Guardian, The New Yorker, Spin Magazine, The New York Times), everyone saying something about this college guys.

For the second LP (Sit Down, Man), the collaborators and producers that wanted in were just impressive, being this guys a "funny/serious rap" group, having heavy weights in the business like Quincy Jones, Jay-Z or El-P wanting in was not everything, they also featured songs with Chairlift, had produced songs by Diplo and a remix by The Very Best. Talk about serious!

The result is very tight rimes, amazing beats and a very ethnical mix of all over the world rap, hip hop, merengue, you name it, and these guys are really the future in music fusion and making fun of serious stuff without saying really anything seriously.

I say amazing and give two thumbs up!


1. Wkcr Stretch And Bobbito Show W. Quincy Jones (Intro)
2. All Tan Everything (Featuring Jay-Z) (Produced By Sabzi)
3. Puerto Rican Cousins (Produced By Gordon Voidwell And Alex Kestner)
4. Hahahaha Jk_ (Produced By Boi-1Da)
5. Town Business (Featuring Kassa Overall) (Produced By Kassa Overall)
6. Commercial (Produced By Teengirl Fantasy)
7. People Are Strange (Produced By Devo Springsteen)
8. Luv It Mayne (Featuring Fat Tony & Bo P) (Produced By Tom Cruz)
9. Amazing (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Keepaway)
10. Fashion Party (With Chairlift) (Produced By Chairlift)
11. Rapping 2 U (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Sha-Leik The Engineer)
12. Rooftop (Featuring Despot) (Produced By Dame Grease)
13. Irresponsible (Featuring Lakutis) (Produced By Like Magic + Das Racist)
14. Return To Innocence (Produced By Dash Speaks)
15. Julia (The Very Best Remix) (Produced By Das Racist)
16. Roc Marciano Joint (Featuring Roc Marciano) (Produced By Mike Finito)
17. You Can Sell Anything (Produced By Diplo)
18. Sit Down, Man (Featuring El-P) (Produced By Scoop Deville)
19. Sit Down, People (By Dapwell And Quincy Jones)
20. Free Jazzmataz (Produced By Vijay Iyer And Das Racist) [Hidden Track]

Rate: 8.6/10

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