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Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Pt. 3

Let's talk Pop!
Robyn is a famous Swedish Pop artist with a very inconsistent musical discography, in time she's made some really bad pop music and then she surprise with exceptional taste. For a while she's been working with all the right people and her style has been slowly evolving. Thus her inconsistency this year she's made a three part LP, releasing separately two EP's that easily could have been one LP, and then making the LP with songs from the two EP's and 5 new songs. This move was a little risqué but she had everyone buying 3 times the same music successfully, and the reason is that this LP has really good pop.

I'm a little pop friendly but not really mainstream pop, in case of Robyn, I've liked some things of her in the past, mostly collaborations with another artists, but never her own work, as I said, she's just a little too inconsistent for my taste, so I had a little bit of prejudice when I started reading good reviews on the blogosphere and not liking the first single of the first EP "Dancing On My Own", everything changed when I listened the song featuring Röyksopp but then I thought that this was just another one of those moments when I like her just because of the people she's working with and not the music she does for herself. I got my head off my butt and I listened to the entire Body Talk Pt. 1 and I didn't really loved it but it was OK, I gave it time to adjust and I started diggin' 4 of the 8 songs, which was OK. Time passed by and Body Talk Pt. 2 came out, another single, another video, another sound and this time I loved it, the song was "Hang With Me", I instantly went for the EP to listen to the rest. The second EP had also 8 songs, this one a little bit more hardcore and much more pop, but strangely I liked it even more.

Taking the two EP's together I liked more than half songs in both of them, so if it would have been an LP it would have been a really good one. Then came the third part that was the entire thing put together and missing some 2 original songs from each EP and 2 acoustic versions of the singles "Indestructible" (which was featured on the LP in an electronic frenzy original version), and "Hang With Me", of the songs missing in the EP Pt.2 one easily could have been a Britney song, called Criminal Intent, so she did a good move taking that out of the picture but I really miss in the LP another super pop song called "Cry When You Get Older"; but this move only makes worth having the three things separately, so she's very smart. If you don't like pop you can like some really electronic songs, but don't push it, in the end it’s pop.

The Last LP is called Body Talk, its not called Body Talk Pt. 3, but kind of it is, I'll rate the hole thing and not separately because its kind of the same.

By far the only thing I can say in the long career of Robyn is that these three releases are consistent, so maybe she's finding the voice she never had in the past


Body Talk Pt. 1
1. Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
2. Fembot
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Cry When You Get Older
5. Dancehall Queen
6. None Of Dem (feat. Röyksopp)
7. Hang With Me (Acoustic)
8. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa

Body Talk Pt. 2
1. In My Eyes
2. Include Me Out
3. Hang With Me
4. Love Kills
5. We Dance To The Beat
6. Criminal Intent
7. U Should Know Better (feat. Snoop Dogg)
8. Indestructible (Acoustic Version)

Body Talk Pt 3
1. Fembot
2. Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love Kills
7. Hang With Me
8. Call Your Girlfriend
9. None Of Dem (Feat. Röyksopp)
10. We Dance to the Beat
11. U Should Know Better (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
12. Dancehall Queen
13. Get Myself Together
14. In My Eyes
15. Stars 4-Ever

Rate: 8/10

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