Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spoon - Transference (2010)

Pitchfork said about this album that "These are not simply recordings of a top-notch rock quartet playing in a room; this is art built to hit precise emotional marks with an impressive balance of off-the-cuff improvisation and rigid discipline". And it is so because this band has more than a decade (almost two) behind them of doing this. They are well known in the Indie world and have had hit after hit every time with their albums.

This time around they give us a tone of organic instrumentation and try to give the feeling of a jam with everything in its place, and even though its never great, there are interesting song writing, excellent vocals and planning.

What I didn't like about this song was compromising the experimental nature that they've had in the past in order to stay in a comfort zone of standard rock music, again, this is not a bad thing, I don't have anything against going back to basics, but a little bit of Killing The Moonlight wouldn't do much harm. Still the straight forward single "Written In Reverse" has really amazing vocals, like really really great, man.


1. Before Destruction
2. Is Love Forever?
3. The Mystery Zone
4. Who Makes Your Money
5. Written In Reverse
6. I Saw The Light
7. Trouble Comes Running
8. Goodnight Laura
9. Out Go The Lights
10. Got Nuffin
11. Nobody Gets Me But You

Rate: 6.7/10