Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harlem - Hippies (2010)

The sound of garage rock has a lot of popularity and it has a lot of repetition in almost any band that plays it, if you like garage rock you'll like this LP, the thing is that these guys make it fresh and angry and funny, the sound quality and the production is pretty standard, but it gives you the feeling that its being played on your basement, with echo on the drums and straight forward feelings.

This guys say what they want and don't really give a sh*!t, I can't imagine where they can go if they started to matter about the impression than a lyric or an album can make.

The music is very ironic compared to the lyrics, because you have fun guitars and easy drums and the lyrics are going all "Someday soon you'll be on fire / then you'll ask me for a glass of water / and I'll say nooooooo /you can let that sh*!t burn". And this is just the opening track. There is a lot of fun and a lot of obscene writing.

In other note, they signed a worldwide distribution record deal with Matador Records so this is the first record made with a deal; Matador did re-released their first LP that was self made and you'll be happy to know that the self-made sound is not going anywhere, they still conserve the the sound.


1. Someday Soon
2. Friendly Ghost
3. Spray Paint
4. Number One
5. Be Your Baby
6. Gay Human Bones
7. Torture Me
8. Cloud Pleaser
9. Faces
10. Tila And I
11. Three Legged Dog
12. Prairie My Heart
13. Scare You
14. Stripper Sunset
15. Pissed
16. Poolside

Rate: 7.4/10

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