Saturday, December 11, 2010

Delorian - Subiza (2010)

Delorean have been around for a while in the local electronic scene of Barcelona and have been around with moderate success since 2007. This time around they made the first massive release called Subiza, accompanied by the signs of a record deal with True Panther Sounds, and when you know that what you're about to do will expose you too more people than you could get by yourself you have to do it good.

This LP has a lot of experimentation, and sometimes some songs sound with the same quality and style of an Animal Collective electronic track but with a more party appeal, it kind of reminds me sometimes to Merriweather Post Pavilion.

You can easily hear this album on a club or a party but its not necessarily a party kind of electronic music, it has a lot of experimentation and its not commercial at all, this sort of club owning electronic performers can sure give a spin to the electronic music in Spain from a party hard scene or chill Ibiza sort of sh*!t, to a real experience of contemplation, because this sort of creation is made for enjoyment and contemplation purpose, not just for ephemeral fun. Even the more party friendly songs like "Grow" have an echoic voice and synth distant spacey sounds that make it different from the regular music you find around.

The moments of the album go from spacey and echo sounding voices to really ethnic drums, but its all so subtle and delicate that makes it easy to enjoy, experiments without being too experimental or too weird, its a good first step for people that don't enjoy experimental stuff to open their minds and maybe start considering it a good thing.


1. Stay close
2. Real love
3. Endless sunset
4. Grow
5. Simple graces
6. Infinite desert
7. Come wander
8. Warmer places
9. It's all ours

Rate: 8/10

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