Friday, December 10, 2010

Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea (2010)

This is a guy that does it every time...Eno needs no introduction, his ability to make progress in electronic music everytime he does an LP is really amazing, this time around he came with "Small Craft On a Milk Sea" and saying that he delivered is an understatement.

This LP passes through a lot of moments, in apparience is very ambient but it doesn't have the calm of an ambient album, it has a lot of mistery, and the and a couple of upbeat songs that explore the heavy side of Eno.

This LP is coming from a place that is not tecnical, i'd say a jungle, it has the sort of terror that one could have in a dark night and although it has some relaxing songs, you never loose the sence that in some moment something is going to explote.

The feeling of the album can be related to a sort of tarzan history, where civilized people are doomed on living in the wild after a plane crash, the desperation, the anger, the knowing of the sorounding, the calm of starting to accept that you have to live there, and the fear that in any secund something can go wrong, and there you are, witness of the show, and all its happening in your ears, without a word.

Here you can stream video sessions of eno that he calls Seven Sessions On A Milk Sea, in which he does 7 performances in 7 weeks with the same vibe of this LP.

The teaser of the album was that...a teaser...but what you'll find inside is all that you expected. I will tease you again in order to make you want the album as much as I wanted it, so here you have the soundcloud of the reaser and hope you enjoy the ride. Sit down and enjoy the show.


1. Emerald and Lime
2. Complex Heaven
3. Small Craft on a Milk Sea
4. Flint March
5. Horse
6. 2 Forms of Anger
7. Bone Jump
8. Dust Shuffle
9. Paleosonic
10. Slow Ice, Old Moon
11. Lesser Heaven
12. Calcium Needles
13. Emerald and Stone
14. Written, Forgotten
15. Late Anthropocene
16. Invisible

Rate: 8.5/10

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