Wednesday, December 8, 2010

UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall (2010)

This LP of UNKLE is by far the grooviest kind of sounding they get on an album, they go ethnical in most of the songs and when not the rest are just straight psychedelic rock like a sort of interpretation of the band of that time in music.

This doesn’t mean that this is a 60's sounding album, like everything in UNKLE; they reinterpret the sounds they're going to take and make beats sounding like...but very different from...

With this LP UNKLE are evolving from the trip hop sound and making it a little bit more into the space, they’re in the moon now, not in the streets of the UK.

I’m pretty sure fans of their early stuff can love this, but I see also new people coming around and loving it. This isn't the best of UNKLE but, let's get real, do you really believe that they can go wrong? This are guys that know what they are doing and been doing it from more than a decade now. This is not guaranty that they will deliver each and every time, but in this case they did.

As always, there are a lot of invited guests in this LP and the best song is "Natural Selection", a groovy song featuring the Psychedelic 60's inspired band Black Angels. Also the visuals of the video and the song "Follow Me Down" deliver a sort of dreamy and space inspired Asian Indian sort of sultan(ish) harem sound that can get really intoxicating. I recommend this LP but most of all I recommend the "Natural Selection" song.

UNKLE is progressing in this LP, the other LP's were sort of connected, and this one, still being faithful to the band, mixes everything and makes something new out of it.

This year they were also one of the bands to participate in the Eclipse Soundtrack fro the Twilight Saga, again featuring The Black Angels. Talk about good work together.


1. Nowhere
2. Follow Me Down (Feat. Sleepy Sun)
3. Natural Selection (Feat. Black Angels)
4. Joy Factory (Feat. Autolux)
5. The Answer (Feat. Big In Japan)
6. On A Wire (Feat. Elle. J)
7. Falling Stars (Feat. Gavin Clark)
8. Heavy Drug
9. Caged Bird (Feat. Katrina Ford)
10. Ablivion
11. The Runaway (Feat. Elle. J)
12. Ever Rest (Feat. Joel Cadbury)
13. The Healing (Feat. Gavin Clark)
14. Another Night Out (Feat. Mark Lanegan)

Rate: 7.2/10

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