Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cults - Cults (2011)

Since the beginning of 2010 Cults has been consistently making a big buzz, from free giveaways to songs featured in HBO’s Weeds. But this indie fame doesn’t matter when it comes to the quality of the songs. Music tends to be in a way a revival of something else and Cults is no exception, they take all that was good from the 60’s and Phil Spector and take it again in the same level. Of course, this will always be a good thing, and if you like this kind of recordings you’ll like this record.

But now the downside, the few EP’s created such a buzz that made the wait for the album unbearable; if 4 songs together were amazing 11 were going to be pure bliss and in reality the album never gets to a point where any song is better than the EP’s, and the over exposure of the songs I already knew damaged the wow factor of the album, the best songs were already known and some of them since last year (already in my best of the year list).

This is not necessarily a bad thing; people will already know what to expect from this album, the moral of the story for the music lovers would be “don’t have any expectations”, because high hopes only work to be crushed down. The new songs “Walk in the Night”, “Never Heal Myself”, “Never Saw The Point”, “Bad Things”, “Bumper” and “Rave On” sound like Phil Spector covers and never really reach the level of the EP’s which is a shame because with the singles and the only song missing was “The Curse” of the 7” that was probably the worst song so that was a good judgment call. Overall the album is good to listen, short and sweet but contrary to what Pitchfork and probably the indie world thinks I don’t think this is one of the best albums of the year. For sure is a must listen and definitely popular, but the worth of the album is overshadowed for the fame of the songs everybody knew.

The 2011 singles are very good “Abducted” and “You Know What I Mean”; I really thought that the aggressiveness and heartache that these two songs had were going to set the tone for the new record but sadly no, the best songs were released separately from the album and some have a long time running around, is like the album is new and I’m already tired of it. Again, I like it and some of the songs I love, but as a whole, the album is just not making it for me as one of the “best of the year” is pretty standard good.

But you be the judge and listen to it, drop a comment, tell me that I’m crazy.


1. Abducted
2. Go Outside
3. You Know What I Mean
4. Most Wanted
5. Walk At Night
6. Never Heal Myself
7. Oh My God
8. Never Saw The Point
9. Bad Things
10. Bumper
11. Rave On

Rate: 7.3/10

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