Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cake - Showroom of Compassion (2011)

In this album Cake demonstrate what they are all about...and that's being Cake, they are this kind of bands that when you listen to them you know who it is, and if you like one song you'll like all of them and this is not a mere repetition of hits or a boring way of not taking risks and do the same stuff; this band has made a name of their own just having personality.

When the album starts you just jump to the nostalgia of the other albums and listen to the same old Cake all over again, but this could go either way as something good or something bad. Ok, we know we love them, and we know we won't hate them ever, but did they gave all they have to give? This LP doesn't play with the expectations of the fans, does exactly what a Cake album should be about, sharp sarcastic lyrics, absurd and fun instrumentation, straight forward and in your face fun pop music, cheesy romantic tunes, trumpets, and all the good old fashioned stuff that made Cake who they are.

On the downside, the fact of the sound being familiar is making me question the capacity of the band to evolve, is it just that the Cake formula already gave everything that had to give? We've seen bands like Beastie Boys trying to make an effort of updating themselves without trying to be someone they are not, they've made instrumental albums, experimented with new beats, and its not because the hip hop or funk could be easy to experiment, in pop and rock it would be more accessible the capacity of incorporating new stuff without betraying the music you originally make. I see a lot of great Cake songs, and because I loved them I still do, but that's all I can say...nothing new...more of the same old Cake...and if you loved them before, you'll love them this time around, good old perfect circle.


1. Federal Funding
2. Long Time
3. Got To Move
4. What's Now is Now
5. Mustache Man (Wasted)
6. Teenage Pregnancy
7. Sick of You
8. Easy To Crash
9. Bound Away
10. The Winter
11. Italian Guy

Rate: 7/10

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