Friday, February 18, 2011

Siriusmo - Mosaik (2011)

For many years Siriusmo has been making EP’s and 7” around in different labels, and the display of variety making remixes or original material display not only versatility but also great creativity. When judging a DJ’s work, creativity has a heavy influence and the other important aspect is the capacity of mixing different stuff and its here when Siriusmo does it best. Like some of the Ed Banger label, more hard edge DJ’s have been following the path of labels fronted by other respectable DJ’s like Apparat, Ellen Allien and Modeselektor, the last one making the record label that signed Siriusmo (Monkey Town Label).

Siriusmo has the kind of creative freedom and independence that allows him to push the music to different levels, highly experimental DJ’s take sounds from jazz, pop or rock and turn them to eccentric sounds, such as Mr. Oizo that refuses to be normal but makes very catchy strange mixes, some of that is present in Siriusmo, but he shows less commitment to the genres and does whatever the mix is telling him to do, so there are times you can flow from hip hop to ambient, from hardcore metallic drums to abrupt silence in a distinctive dub beat, from minimal to IDM, and the journey goes on, making Siriusmo a pariah of electronic music that deserve acknowledgement from the public.

In terms of the concept regarding the album, the title is pretty much self explanatory, is a Mosaik of everything he’s done over the years, you can find songs from the early EP’s to the newer ones and exciting new songs, this leaves the LP kind of messy as an entire concept, also there are too many songs, with acid hardcore metallic sounds and experimental loops of everything that can get a little over the place, for someone getting into Siriusmo it can get a little bit overwhelming, and that is a downside because after falling in love with the chaotic cohesive sound he delivered on EP’s like “The Uninvited Guest” I feel that it looses quality to have a little bit of everything to understand the genius.

Still is one of the most anticipated hardcore electronic albums I’ve waited for a long time and though the expectation can kill it still stands up above everything else because of its originality, also it has a moment for everything remembering sounds of party, and also hardcore hip hop acid stuff, and the usual chilled dance song. It has a little bit of everything and the mess gets completely justified with the cover art and the name of the LP, is doesn’t have the intention to have a cohesive sound or a coherent concept. Mosaik is a Hot Mess!


1. High Together (Album Version)
2. Feromonikon (CD Edit)
3. Sirimande
4. Call Me
5. Mosaik
6. Bad Idea
7. Lass Den Vogel Frei!
8. 123 (Album Version)
9. Idiologie
10. Einmal In Der Woche Schreien
11. Good Idea
12. Nights Off
13. Peeved
14. Feed My Meatmachine
15. Goldene Kugel
16. Signal
17. Red Knob

Rate: 7.4/10Link
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  1. you definitely know your shit by the look of it which is why im surprised with you calling him a DJ and not a producer..