Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sonic Youth - Simon Werner a Disparu OST (2011)

The guys from Sonic Youth need no introduction, they are a band well know in the indie and mainstream scene doing what they do best...experimenting, they switch from one genre to the other always leaving a mark of their signature style everywhere, they are so unique that even when the members do individual stuff, the mystique and power of the band rises above and creates a personality of its own.

Sonic Youth might be known for a lot of guitar jaming and reverbed introductions to songs that build around the presence of Thrustone Moore, but for the Simon Werner a Disparu the instrumentation it’s all we got, and let me tell you its fantastic! The music has mystery and life, lonesome, despair, angst. Everything with the Sonic Youth trademark, very psychedelic and experimental, reaching high levels of noise and then echoic mysteries, but also use very dry drums and fun classic rock vibes, like in the track Dans les bois \ M. Rabier, the music in here has it all except voice, but remember after all it is a soundtrack, and a very good one. When people listen to scores like Tron with mega bands like Daft Punk you cant help but wonder what would people think of the work made by the duet in the score when compared to their previews work, and the thing is that one listens to Tron's score and there are very few moments you feel Daft Punk's presence, but in Simon Werner a Disparu this is not the case, there is a very traditional Sonic Youth sound made for the purpose of looking good in the screen and in for the image.

I say job well done, and they stayed true with who they always have been taking the opportunity to d0 something different with their signature style, not compromising their vision with the vision of the director.


1. Thème de Jérémie
2. Alice et Simon
3. Les Anges au piano
4. Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)
5. Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre
6. Thème de Laetitia
7. Escapades
8. La Cabane au Zodiac
9. Dans les bois \ M. Rabier
10. Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia
11. Thème de Simon
12. Au Café
13. Thème d'Alice

Rate: 7.6/10

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