Thursday, February 24, 2011

Win Win - Win Win (2011)

Win Win is the project collaboration of two DJ’s; Alex Epton (XXXChange, member of Spank Rock and producer of bands such as The Kills and others) and Chris Devlin (Of Devlin & Darko, also known as the tour DJ’s of Spank Rock); one thing these two guys have is talent and connections, both things great to make an excellent record, not only did they wanted to do the Win Win project, but also they had A list collaborators, such as Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzie Bougatsos and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, two of the biggest names featuring this LP. The record label backing up the project is Vice, known for outputting some of the best party hip musicians out there, such as Chromeo, The Streets, Justice, etc.

The rhythms and beats inside this record go from cool guitar riffs with synths to chill pop structured songs and Dub, everything with the one intention of having fun and going straight to the top in club scenes; they’re not attempting the reinvention of the weal, they stick to a very classic electronic club beats and play with indie pop winks every now and then, they manage to blend electronic music genres and maintain the sound without sounding monotone or boring,

The first single “Release RPM” features Lizzie of Gang Gang Dance, and though is excellent to dace along and sing, the sound that they produce is very quiet; with intoxicating synth loops and Lizzie’s voice very ethereal on top of the mix manipulating her voice with simple effects that make variation of the tone while saying “All I need is some form of release”; the song has the chillness of good relaxing clubbers that dance with their hands on the air, really a great song for a Friday night cocktail after work. But this airy singles match with some really heavy straight up party songs, like “Not Too Late” that play with a drum loop on top of very spacey synth and chipmunk voices singing “Is not too late for me and you”, sounding more like The Prodigy crossing the street to party with Boys Noize.

And don’t forget the strong second single “Interleave With You” featuring Alexis from Hot Chip, a very reflective slow song, not made for the club on the original version and conquering the melancholy that hot chip tends to do when making a slow song. This Poly-Tronic super group makes a classic electronic sound that doesn’t pretend to be more than what it is, confident of what it has and knowing that by keeping the basics with quality the rest adds up to the formula. This is a humble excelent electronic display of what two great producers can deliver, it gets better with every listen.


1. Planet Playground Interlude
2. Victim
3. Future Again (Oakland)
4. Mother Mary Interlude
5. Release RPM (ft. Lizzie of Gang Gang Dance)
6. Interleave With You (ft. Alexis of Hot Chip)
7. Cada Buen Dia
8. Pop A Gumball
9. Distort Reality
10. Glen Beck Interlude
11. Ghosts Delerium
12. The Nature Of Transendent Forces
13. Not Too Late
14. Not Too Late Pt 2

Rate: 7.8/10

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