Friday, February 11, 2011

Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show No. 11 - Low Budget High Fi Music

When talking about hip hop producers and talents Madlib is definitely one of the big names, behind success of a plethora of records and since last year he’s been putting out a project of several mixtapes named Madlib Medicine Show, each one with a different theme showing off his amazing musical knowledge in almost every music genre and his also great hability as a DJ.

These days is not necessary to defend the intellectual process of the DJ’s or the process that they have to make of their profession an art, though is true that not many DJ’s set their beats to an enjoyable and commercial purpose but also a very high artistic quality, that’s why all of the mixtapes of Madlib Medicine Show have had a huge artistic value to the profession of the DJ, because the structure is almost like a performance, a very consistent consciousness of spectacle, that is what ultimately the people look for in all sort of aesthetic manifestation.

In the Madlib Medicine Show No. 11 the intention is to display Low Budget High Fi Music, and starts with an intro highlighting the errors and troubles of sound when making a record, the sort of errors that can give that mystery that we all look for when purchasing a Lo-Fi recording, but in this case is full of different genres and old records, overlaying sounds with MC’s and making mixes very short keeping you interested. The entire album has 28 songs and is only one hour long, making almost every song of 1 minute or less. This is a display of overwhelming talent of mixing and a bunch of mixes so well crafted that you almost don’t feel time is passing or songs are abruptly changing, this just adds to the concept very well.


1. The Loop Digga- Sounds Of The Studio - Prelude
2. The Professionals - Madlib & Oh No- Hold Up
3. The Loop Digga- Handmade Hustle - Instrumental
5. Guilty Simpson- Thoughts On An Old Flame
6. The Loop Digga- Minze - Come Closer
7. Madlib- Louder - Blast Your Radio Theme
8. The Loop Digga- The Ride - Nightcoastin' Instrumental
9. A.G.- O.G. Pt. 1 - Whirlwhind Mix
10. Oh No- O.G. Pt. 2- Underwater Mix
11. Frank Nitt- Stageridin' - First Demo Double Image Mix
12. The Loop Digga- Love,Hate - Instrumental
13. Strong Arm Steady- Loose Girl - Electronic Drunk Demon Version
14. The Loop Digga- Smoke Break - Whodat
15. Supreme Team - Madlib & Karriem Riggins- Interview #4080
16. The Loop Digga- Embryo Thought Instrumental
17. The Loop Digga- The Adventures Of Soul Bra And Docta Dick'em Pts. 1 and 2
18. Med & Poke- Cheaters - Episode #3
19. The Loop Digga- Interliberation Interlude
20. The Loop Digga- Mic Check - Smoke Break II
21. LMD- Real Talk
22. The Loop Digga- The Sound Of Champions - Instrumental
23. Strong Arm Steady- Charlie Hustle
24. The Loop Digga- Girls - Prelude
25. The Loop Digga- Same
26. MED- Snakes 101
27. J Rocc- Girls
28. J Rocc- Uh - Outro

Rate: 7.8/10
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