Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cut Copy - Zonoscope (2011)

One of the albums I anticipated the most for this year was Cut Copy’s Zonoscope, the follow-up of the highly successful In Ghost Colours. For this LP Cut Copy geared up to bring a very mainstream appeal without compromising the quality. I’m sure that if you read some influent blogs you’ll be pre-disposed on the idea that this LP could be good, everyone says is acceptable but nobody around is saying that its good.

There is one thing that critiques are not giving to Cut Copy’s favor, and this is that this band has the fame that it has for their amazing performances and concert appeal, making them first option of people attending to festivals everywhere, so if producing an album that is destined to be danced and enjoyed is a sin then you better take out the atomic bombs because this is a war that you’ll loose if you don't kill every single person in the festival; I’ve even read that the takes on Men At Works influences is a bad thing when Down Under still remains one of the catchiest songs ever, or that the synth scene and influences of the 80’s is La Roux like and though this LP has mainstream appeal never goes to the extent of battle off the fans of pop princesses like maybe La Roux or Robyn do. Reality is that Cut Copy take from everything and have enough personality to pull it off, contrary of what some others might think of them being too mainstream or too pop now.

I personally don’t mind to enjoy an LP that could sound great on a party or a festival; certainly this LP doesn’t have the swagger of Chromeo or LCD Soundsystem, but finds itself in the middle of these two, having the 80’s synth and the rock edge.

For Zonoscope Cut Copy plays with things that were already in the previous LP’s therefore it can be said that is less new this time around, but still not boring. Songs like Blink And You’ll Miss a Revolution or Take Me Over take that Down Under influence renewed; and other songs like Alisa or When I’m Gone explore a semi psychedelic vibe. The rest of the songs are synth fun 80’s fast and slow songs closing with 15 minute Sun God the most experimental song of the LP.

Definitely the money makers on this LP will be the up tempo songs but it is very worth the listen, don’t pay attention to the needle drop or DIY, they don’t know shit.

PS: Killer Cover Art!


1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I'm Going
4. Pharaohs & Pyramids
5. Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia For The Future
7. This Is All We've Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner Of The Sky
11. Sun God

Rate: 8.6/10

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