Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde (2011)

I don’t know if it’s accurate to say that Smith Western used to be a Garage Rock Lo-Fi band of Chicago, Illinois until this LP came along; this because Dye it Blonde takes distance from the fist Self-Titled album with a much more produced sound and much more catchy structure.

Dye it Blonde is the LP to really put them in the map, they’re now touring with MGMT and approaching to a wider audience, in 2009 they were just another good indie Garage Rock band, and though the garage feeling is still here in this record the reverb and the smell of oil is less present to instead charm the listeners with a much more classic rock sound with smell of beach and summer smell. Imagine, Pt 3 for example has a very 60’s Shoegaze sound, and the 60’s inspired melody reminds the good old Phil Spector era that never goes out of style, a feeling that is always on the single Weekend (also the first song) that sets the best mood to start the record.

All songs are really amazing, in The Smith Westerns of 2009 they had a very youthful kick that has matured in this LP and probably fans of the previous record or fans of the Lo-Fi trend will think of this LP like a step back, but in my opinion they’re just exploring new ways of recording and moving forward.

Definitely the influence here are bands like Beach Boys or The Beatles, a lot of guitars, elaborated chorus with uh uh’s and ah ah’s that gets you loving and gets you moving, I simply adored this LP and wont get tired of recommending it, deffenetly one of the best LP’s of the year.

P.S: When listening don't forget this guys are kids...that makes it even more amazing!


1. Weekend
2. Still New
3. Imagine, Pt. 3
4. All Die Young
5. Fallen In Love
6. End of the Night
7. Only One
8. Smile
9. Dance Away
10. Dye the World

Rate: 9/10

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